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We are a Belgian MedTech company that provides high-quality ambulatory solutions for the screening, diagnostic and assessment of therapeutic effectiveness of sleep-related breathing disorders. Nomics wants to make sleep medicine accessible to all patients and health professionals. Our technology makes it faster, simpler and easier to record a patient’s night but, above all, as accurate as in-hospital polysomnography.

At the core of Nomics is its patented JAWAC technology that pioneered the measure of the jaw activity (including mandibular movements). Our technology has been extensively validated throughout studies spanning 30 publications in peer-reviewed journals. Don't hesitate .. Join the movement !

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What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) ?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is the most common Sleep-Related Breathing Disorder. Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders are a group of disorders where respiration is impaired during sleep. When OSA is not diagnosed and treated correctly, it can lead to severe health consequences.

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Our sleep apnea test solutions

Nomics offers a range of sleep analysis products based on its patented JAWAC (Jaw activity) technology. It is intended for the clinicians who want to quickly and reliably assess where their patient stand on the Sleep-Related Breathing Disorder continuum: common snoring, upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS), mild, moderate or severe sleep apnea (whether central, obstructive or mixed).

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The JAWAC Technology

The patented JAWAC sensor is at the core of our products. It is an electromagnetic sensor that measures the jaw activity through its three components: mandibular movement, mouth opening, and nervous gnathic twitch. The JAWAC is the only technology with sufficient spatial resolution (0.01 mm) to detect the tiny mandibular oscillations (0.3 mm) induced by respiratory effort.

  • Icone représentant: Ambulatory


  • Icone représentant: Easy to prescribe, easy to use, easy to exploit

    Easy to prescribe, easy to use, easy to exploit

  • Icone représentant: High precision in measuring sleep duration

    High precision in measuring sleep duration

  • Icone représentant: Highly reliable, trustworthy results

    Highly reliable, trustworthy results

  • Icone représentant: Non-invasive, no contraindications

    Non-invasive, no contraindications

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Their testimonials will undoubtedly interest you !

Sergio Muiño Blanco

ENT Division Manager – Prim

"OSA has become a project of great relevance in most European countries. Nomics allows an optimal development of first step, a correct identification of the patient's pathology situation, with a portable technology, easy to use, effective and reliable. From Prim we are enormously satisfied to collaborate with such a professional, interactive company with the ability to adapt to the different needs we can find in our customers."

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