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Nomics helps people to regain control of their life through better sleeping

Our history

Sleep is an essential behaviour that we all engage in. We spend, on average, a third of our lifetime asleep. Furthemore, a large, growing body of evidence shows that insufficient or poor-quality sleep is detrimental to physical and mental health.

The first scientific description of sleep apnea dates to 1976 with Guilleminault and his Stanford team. At this early stage, the authors already understood the importance of respiratory effort. Therefore, they measured the endoesophageal pressure during sleep and showed that sleep apnea involves the diaphragm and not only the upper airways.

Within the University of Liege, the observation and discovery of the epidemiology of sleep apnea began in the early 1990s on the initiative of the pioneering scientific research of Professor Poirrier, who opened the first sleep center within the University Hospital.

The first sleep recordings led to the observation that these patients all breathed through their mouth, and not so much through their noses. The mouth opens during sleep, as well as the ventilatory efforts are important and the oral snoring goes as far as the stop (these are the premises of the mandibular movement).

Supported by two PhD engineering students, they developed the JAWAC, for Jaw Activity. The objective was to develop a light, non-invasive device, which with 2 magnetic sensors can measure these mandibular movements. The Nomics adventure had borned.

This was followed by fifteen years of research and development, rich in discoveries and innovations, where the company demonstrated the reliability, sensitivity and specificity of the signal from these sensors compared with the Gold Standard PSG.

Today, Nomics offers a dream solution, enabling a larger group of practitioners to accurately diagnose SDB for more people, more conveniently thanks to an unique technology : the JAWAC.


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