Home Sleep Apnea Test solutions

Nomics offers a range of devices for all your Home Sleep Test (HST) needs, whether it is screening, diagnosis or improving the treatment of your OSA patients. All our solutions are based on the JAWAC technology, which allows your patients to take their test in the comfort of their home with the same reliability as in-hospital polysomnography.

Screening for Sleep Apnea

The JAWAC technology is ideal for screening. The JAWAC sensor is easy to use, reusable and comfortable. Despite using only one sensor, the Brizzy’s false-negative rate is very low to allow you to screen your patients with confidence.


Specificity = 100%

Sensibility = 89%

Brizzy is ideal for screening. Sensibility and specificity are given for an RDI ≥15/h.

Thanks to the Brizzy, you can quickly and at a low cost exclude Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders in patients with risk factors, unspecific symptoms or significant comorbidities (stroke, cardiovascular diseases, …). Therefore, you can speed up the management of your patients and improve your collaboration with your local sleep centre.

Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea

Imagine having the diagnostic power of an in-hospital polysomnography to diagnose sleep apnea at home. The JAWAC technology makes it possible through the analysis of the jaw activity, combined with all the sensors you need: oximetry, heart rate, nasal flow, snoring, and more. The Brizzy+ and Somnolter are both type III home sleep tests that rival in-hospital polysomnography for diagnosing obstructive sleep apnea. Head over to our product page to learn more about our product range and capabilities.

Powerful diagnostic tools to go beyond the Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI)

While most type III home sleep tests only report an AHI, JAWAC-powered home sleep tests can provide more information. Indeed, the JAWAC sensor is excellent for assessing respiratory effort. Thus, JAWAC-powered home sleep tests can measure the classic AHI and the more precise RDI. JAWAC-powered home sleep tests measures events usually only measured in full polysomnography, such as RERAs*, or hypopnea with micro-arousals, thanks to their advanced technology.

*RERAs: Respiratory Effort Related Arousals

PSG vs JAWAC-powered HST

R = 0,95

There is a high correlation between the PSG and Brizzy+/Somnolter for OSA diagnosis.

The Brizzy+ and Somnolter are powerful at-home diagnosis tools.

Specificity = 100%

Sensibility = 89%

Negative Likelihood Ratio = 0,11

Thanks to Brizzy+ and Somnolter, you can manage the Sleep-Disordered Breathing of your patient. From the comfort of their home, you will give your patients a diagnosis as reliable as one from an in-hospital sleep study.

Improving therapeutic effectiveness

Even for your patients already diagnosed with a Sleep Breathing Disorder, the JAWAC technology can improve your daily practice.

Better management of CPAP therapy

Frequent complaints, poor observance, leaks… While CPAP therapy remains the first treatment for obstructive sleep apnea, it can be challenging to manage properly. Although CPAP leaks are a frequent reason for poor observance or ineffective treatment, clinicians lack the tools to assess those leaks. Our JAWAC-powered solution for therapeutic effectiveness revolutionizes CPAP management. Thanks to its measure of the mandibular movement, the JAWAC technology can accurately identify the determinants of CPAP leaks after only one night of recording, empowering clinicians to improve the treatment of their patients.

Not just for CPAP

One component of the JAWAC signal is the mouth opening. We use this parameter to give you a clear idea of your patient’s oral breathing pattern. We can now make a more informed choice about treatment by Oral Appliance Therapy, the use of an oronasal mask, or even possible surgery.

Thanks to the JAWAC technology, you can obtain an objective measure of the effectiveness of your patients’ treatments.