Announcing the formation of our multidisciplinary Scientific Advisory Board

Nomics is proud to announce the formation of its multidisciplinary Scientific Advisory Board, comprising distinguished professors and doctors who will provide their expertise to guide the company’s clinical roadmap.

This board will play a crucial role in the strategic clinical development of Nomics, providing valuable guidance and expertise to support our clinical and scientific vision in the field of sleep-related breathing disorders diagnostics.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board:

We express our sincere gratitude to these experts for their invaluable contributions to the clinical development of Nomics. Their combined expertise will help guide our clinical developments to meet patient needs and the demands of medical research in sleep medicine, with a focus on our Augmented Polygraphy integrated solution.

But, what is Augmented Polygraphy?

Ever wondered how we can capture more than just the Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI)? Nomics' Augmented Polygraphy captures a wider range of sleep events, including micro-arousals, detailed respiratory efforts, and mandibular activity with unmatched precision. Powered by our patented JAWAC technology, validated by over 30 scientific publications, we ensure PSG-level accuracy in a convenient ambulatory sleep test for sleep-related breathing disorders.

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